Project 165 Parrrrty

It was a beautiful day in tonkapumaland (i think it was two weeks ago) when, after singing Chest Fever with the Born Ruffians , Adam Hindle & Andy Lloyd for their Band Tribute night at the Boat, we played right across the street at Project 165 . It was a tight space. People packed it in to get loco to our crazy tunes.  project 165 is a gallery in kensington.  CHECK IT OUT PEOPLES.
Thanks to everyone who came to the shoooooooow.  (and thanks to ourselves for killing it like a butcher on a lechon)  greasy. out.


3:35 am, december 6

we bit the

we are not on the wagon anymore after two weeks and we meh eehhst up our show.
didnt play the breakup song cause we forgot.
apes didn't play linus' booon in D.

guess what

we still played RAD.

all our friends tonkapuma liked it still.


we still had fun.