Ridin' 'roun' in ma automobile

Moncton, Sackville, Pugwash

August 23 - The Manhattan in Moncton was a good show. We were fed intoxicatingly well and had a lot of space to surfpunk.


 After crashing in The Manhattan's parking lot, we went to the Hopewell Rocks the next day, with Rick & Andrezj from the art collective. Who needs to pay eight bucks to see the rocks that God made when you can just climb over the little wooden fence?

August 24 - We stayed in a wicked field outside of Sackville, in Amherst. Ate a delicious meal "complements" of the grocery store, complements of the art collective. If you're ever in Amherst, the Salvation Army there is the best one we've seen in a while.

fire 2

bike mow

August 25 - We played at the Bridge Street Cafe in Sackville which was weird because it was in a Cafe and in the afternoon but we still rocked the hell out of it. And got free food! The theatre across the street is amazing for movies (even though the one we saw - G.I. Joe - sucked ass). (apes got that jacket at the Salvation Army for two bucks!)

Later that night we skipped out on the Amherst field where the art collective went back to and decided to crash in the van (as usual) in a Sackville parking lot. We hit up Ducky's for a drink before bed and it was so packed with people (mostly university kids) that we asked the bartender if we could play. It was our best show so far.

There was a guy there helping out the bartender for fun and he so kindly took us in - yesss, a freakin' bed! We ended up partying all night with Fred and listening to music in his garage. He recorded us live off the floor on his reel to reel the next day. A cute french lady who was trekking through the country on her bike stopped by to watch the whole thing. Then the three of us (tonkapuma & Fred - who we traveled with for the next few days) hopped into the van and headed for pugwash, nova scotia.

fred's garage


August 26 - We missed our show in Pugwash because everything closes so early there (5:30!). Ah well. We saw where they 'make' salt (The Windsor factor). We also stayed on a farm with the nicest people who had the sweetest babies. They even served everyone acid on a clipboard like they were bacon-wrapped scallops on a silver tray. Not everyone dropped it but the ones who did had a wicked time in the wilderness and around the nice warm fire pit. (The ones who didn't also had a wicked time.)


Saint John's & Out & Moncton

Saint John's was rad. It was like a ghost town 'cause it was a Sunday. The streets were empty. On the highway towards Moncton, McCabe's ice cream was in the middle of no where. He charged $2.00 for use of the bathroom to non-patrons. It was $4.50 a cone but it was yummy, and he was sweet, and really enthusiastic. "The stores pump in lots of air into their ice cream . . . not like it used to be."

Cape Enrage was pretty but you couldn't really stand at the edge of the cliff because of the rail they put in so it wasn't as good. Their tattered flag was angry looking though. In a wicked-ass way. The 'sand' by the chocolate river is actually quicksand-like mud. Oh lucky apes still has her shoe. (It really, really looks like chocolate milk. Who knew?)

Saint John

Yes Mr. McCabe!

Cape Enrage


To The High Tides

After dinner last night, Garmin (our GPS) lead us straight to a cemetery (instead of the Seaside Spa that we typed in, where we thought we could see the water at night). Alex Something was right that there are a lot of cool ones in the East Coast. Too bad half of us is more chicken than the other and gets creeped out by them, especially at night.

It was foggy as f*#k, there were no lights until right when we got to Saint John, and there were freakin' giant Moose warning signs all along the road. (If you hit a moose, you break its legs and it falls right onto your car - - - like the weight of another car falling onto yours - - - and you're screwed.) Apes was driving and didn't care that all the crazy cars passed her and seemed to not worry about hitting a moose.

Foggy roads at the end of our leg

In the fog


Where we been sleepin'

Yesterday in Fredericton

Now we get why J.B. left Fredericton.
The best things in Fredericton were the ghost bridge (no photo), Crumbs (who let us do an impromtu show & let us turn their cafe into our living room - thanks Bill!), and Kevin & Bronwen's house (where Alex made us delicious fake-meat spaghetti). We left for the high tides in St. John's after dinner.

 We sure did.

 Show one was shaky but who cares it was still fun.

Dinner at the KevinBronwen's w/ MeThinks.


East Coast Tour

We left two days ago for a little East Coast bumpin.
We caught up with the traveling art collective & exhibit Me Thinks' We Made A Deal with The Devil in Fredericton where you couldn't turn left to the Tim Horton's.

Roadside stop

eastcoast 2
Makin' beats on the streets

Screening some covers at the exhibit

No left turning to Tim's

New Songs w/ Times Neue Roman!

We made some new beats.
Times Neue Roman's Arowbe spat, Robin Lacambra of Rolly's Garage fame rapped & sang and JR (other half of TNR) is doing his thing on them. Watch out for this new face-eating collabo! Here is a sneak preview song: Toronto!



tp/tnr recordings