Saint John's & Out & Moncton

Saint John's was rad. It was like a ghost town 'cause it was a Sunday. The streets were empty. On the highway towards Moncton, McCabe's ice cream was in the middle of no where. He charged $2.00 for use of the bathroom to non-patrons. It was $4.50 a cone but it was yummy, and he was sweet, and really enthusiastic. "The stores pump in lots of air into their ice cream . . . not like it used to be."

Cape Enrage was pretty but you couldn't really stand at the edge of the cliff because of the rail they put in so it wasn't as good. Their tattered flag was angry looking though. In a wicked-ass way. The 'sand' by the chocolate river is actually quicksand-like mud. Oh lucky apes still has her shoe. (It really, really looks like chocolate milk. Who knew?)

Saint John

Yes Mr. McCabe!

Cape Enrage


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  1. you are looks like very fun!!!!
    I wanna go to it,s pictures place!!!
    I miss You!!!!!