To The High Tides

After dinner last night, Garmin (our GPS) lead us straight to a cemetery (instead of the Seaside Spa that we typed in, where we thought we could see the water at night). Alex Something was right that there are a lot of cool ones in the East Coast. Too bad half of us is more chicken than the other and gets creeped out by them, especially at night.

It was foggy as f*#k, there were no lights until right when we got to Saint John, and there were freakin' giant Moose warning signs all along the road. (If you hit a moose, you break its legs and it falls right onto your car - - - like the weight of another car falling onto yours - - - and you're screwed.) Apes was driving and didn't care that all the crazy cars passed her and seemed to not worry about hitting a moose.

Foggy roads at the end of our leg

In the fog


Where we been sleepin'

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