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August 28 - Halifax: We played an afternoon show outside, on the grass, in front of the library where the art collective had their work up. Some of the grey haired folk liked it alright, we think. Anyway, with the help of the nicest bouncer ever, we jumped onto a packed bill at Gus's Pub with The Fantods (this would probably not happen in most other places). The East Coast has some of the nicest people. And they dance!
bill at gus'

August 31 - Charlottetown, PEI: They have lobster flavoured chips. Also, we jumped onto a bill at Baba's Lounge with some wicked bands: Vancouver's Unreliable Narrator & Hamilton's The PrimatesKisses Give You Powers. You can't see but the freakin' crowd is boppin' like nuts. And that's Drew of Kisses Give You Powers shouting along with Simon Says. [We stayed at a friend's the next day and made the craziest fire - his dad burned parts of an old bar].


pei fya


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